Clinical Module for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

What can healthcare providers do to prevent diabetes?

Prediabetes affects more than 96 million Americans.1 Many patients with prediabetes go on to develop type 2 diabetes. But changes to diet and exercise can cut the risk of diabetes by more than 58%.2

The Diabetes Prevention Program uses coaching and support groups to create sustainable improvements in physical activity and healthy eating. These programs are recognized by the Centers for Disease Control.

What can healthcare providers do to prevent diabetes?

Patients are more likely to engage in preventive health behaviors when their health care professional recommends them.

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CDC-Certified Diabetes Prevention Program List

Medicare now covers DPP (MDPP)

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Information current at time of publication, May 2022.

The content of this website is educational in nature and includes general recommendations only; specific clinical decisions should only be made by a treating clinician based on the individual patient’s clinical condition.

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