Customized Academic Detailing Training

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Academic Detailing Training at Your Location

Alosa Health provides a comprehensive multi-day training on academic detailing, customized to the specific needs of clients, funders, and partners. Drawing on our deep knowledge and long experience, we train clients on how to develop, deliver, and manage academic detailing programs, with additional education about social marketing, problematic prescribing, and evidence-based medicine. Participants learn how to best deliver clear, unambiguous, and actionable education to promote behavior change. Alosa Health’s systematic approach to training incorporates didactic learning, group exercises, practice detailing interviews with experienced physicians, and case studies to thoroughly prepare trainees to assist physicians in making optimal prescribing decisions.

Since 2005, Alosa Health-trained academic detailers have conducted almost 20,000 educational outreach visits with over 5,000 prescribers, covering 23 different clinical modules.

Contact us for more information on how we can provide trainings for your organization. We also create unique programs and provide consulting services for our clients.