Evidence-Based Clinical Modules

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Academic Detailing to Inform Prescribing Decisions

Alosa Health produces educational materials on common primary care topics that are designed for health care professionals practicing internal medicine, family medicine, and geriatrics. Given the large amount of new literature that is produced regularly, it is difficult to stay current on recent clinical research results, let alone translate that information into routine patient care and medication-use decisions. Alosa Health’s team of physician authors synthesizes current information on optimal therapies into accessible, non-commercial, evidence-based educational material. These clinical materials are used as teaching tools in Alosa Health’s academic detailing programs with the goal of informing and supporting physician prescribing decisions and patient care.

Each educational module provides information on the pharmacology and clinical practice issues relating to the target drugs and conditions selected. There are typically four main documents in each educational module: a comprehensive “evidence document” that provides an overview of the literature, a shorter full-page brochure that summarizes key points, a small reference card that fits into physician coat pockets, and an accompanying patient brochure or brochures that physicians can use for patient education. Modules may also include tear-off pads with additional information or resources for patients.

Drug Information Services

All Alosa Health educational materials, while copyrighted, are free online for single-use, non-commercial educational purposes. To obtain hard copies or to license the use of our materials in an educational program, please contact us at info@alosahealth.org.

Evidence-Based Clinical Modules

CME available through Harvard Medical School (HMS) or CME Outfitters (CMEO)