Academic Detailing

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The Alosa Health Approach to Academic Detailing

At Alosa Health, we evaluate and synthesize the latest information on what works, then package it into a user-friendly format that’s concise, clinically relevant, and actionable, and deliver it interactively to clinicians in their offices, using an approach proven to improve clinical decision-making. Alosa Health has no ties with any pharmaceutical company, and none of our clinical consultants accepts any personal financial support from any drugmaker.

Evaluating and synthesizing the evidence

Our materials are developed by practitioners on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. Working with Alosa Health staff, they review hundreds of current articles from the medical literature, critically evaluate each one, and condense the best information into up-to-date recommendations to guide the diagnosis and optimal treatment of the most common primary care conditions. These become the Evidence Documents that form the scientific basis of our educational programs.

Packaging the recommendations

To make these summaries and recommendations as practical and actionable as possible, we condense the most clinically relevant points into 12-page brochures that present the most practice-relevant information, with extensive graphic augmentation.

Outreach education that transforms patient care

Academic detailing takes the most rigorous university-based evidence review and delivers it interactively in the clinician’s own office, to “market the evidence” rather than any product. Decades of experience and scores of evaluation studies prove that this approach transforms practice far more effectively than conventional continuing education lectures.