Month: April 2020

Customizing a Clinical Module or Intervention to Address a Pressing Need

Posted in Video on 4.24.2020

Clinical Modules Customized for Client Success Alosa Health Physician Advisor Michael Fischer, MD, MS, discusses how our clinical modules can be customized to address specific client needs. We work with a wide array of clients from state and federal government, insurers, and health systems. Our team of project managers, researchers, subject matter experts, and academic …

Why Academic Detailing is the Right Solution for Practitioners

Posted in Video on 4.24.2020

Synthesizing the Latest Evidence & Treatment Recommendations Academic detailing helps provide healthcare practitioners with the latest evidence-based, unbiased treatment information. Alosa Health works to synthesize the latest evidence and treatment recommendations for different medical conditions. Our team of academic detailers brings summaries of this research directly to healthcare providers, saving providers hours of research and …