Month: July 2019

Addressing Suboptimal Prescribing Through Academic Detailing Interventions

Posted in Video on 7.17.2019

How to Identify Opportunities to Prescribe More Effectively Alosa Health Physician Advisor Michael Fischer, MD, MS discusses how academic detailing can address suboptimal prescribing. Due to complex treatment decisions and time constraints, healthcare providers often either underuse or overuse medications, leading to suboptimal treatment of their patients. Alosa Health’s academic detailers bring the latest research …

Prescribers’ Reactions to the Clinical Modules

Posted in Video on 7.17.2019

Highlighting Educational Materials for Practitioners Alosa Health Director of Clinical Materials Development, Ellen Dancel, PharmD, MPH, discusses the aspects of Alosa’s educational materials that resonate most with healthcare providers. Alosa Health’s educational materials are geared specifically towards assisting practitioners with their day-to-day treatment of patients. Alosa’s treatment algorithms are often well-received by providers because of …

The Elements of the Clinical Module

Posted in Video on 7.17.2019

The Components of Successful Educational Modules Alosa Health Academic Detailer Sandeep “Sonny” Bains, PharmD, BCPS discusses the different components that make up our educational modules. Each educational topic module developed by Alosa contains several components. Some of the most well-received pieces of each module are the 8–12-page brochure which gives providers a concise, easy-to-read summary …