Month: June 2019

What are the Benefits of Academic Detailing?

Posted in Video on 6.20.2019

Balanced Information to Improve Patient Care Alosa Health Founder and Chief Clinical Consultant, Jerry Avorn, MD highlights the benefits of academic detailing. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with no support from any pharmaceutical company, Alosa conducts research and analysis based on an unbiased assessment of the current evidence related to a particular clinical topic. By providing …

Academic Detailing: An Effective Tool for Payers

Posted in Video on 6.20.2019

How Payers Can Improve Patient Outcomes Alosa Health Board Member Niteesh Choudhry, MD, PhD explains how academic detailing can help payers improve patient outcomes. Alosa Health seeks to improve patient care by providing the latest, unbiased information on clinical topics to healthcare practitioners. As a result, this can often lead to improved care quality at …

Bridging the Divide Between Evidence and Practice

Posted in Video on 6.13.2019

Helping to Identify the Most Effective Treatment Options Alosa Health Board Member Niteesh Choudhry, MD, PhD explains how Alosa Health’s academic detailing model bridges the divide between evidence and changing clinical practice. With vast amounts of medical information available at practitioners’ fingertips, Alosa Health helps in vetting the evidence to determine the best and most …