Educational Outreach to Opioid Prescribers: The Case for Academic Detailing

Posted in Publications on 3.15.2017

Pain Physician 2017; 20:S147-S151 • ISSN 1533-3159

In recent years, deaths from accidental overdose due to prescription opioids exceeded deaths from motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Inappropriate prescribing of opioids by physicians may have contributed to this growing epidemic. A variety of approaches have been proposed to address this public health problem, from state legislation on prescription drug monitoring to limits on the quantity of opioids dispensed as an initial prescription. Academic detailing, or one-on-one educational outreach to physicians, has been shown in several randomized trials to be effective in reducing inappropriate prescribing. In a recent review, Drs. Davis, Bateman and Avorn describe how physician training through academic detailing may help reduce the problem of inappropriate opioid prescribing.

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