Alosa Health has successfully managed comprehensive educational programs in several states. Our longest standing partnership, with Pennsylvania’s Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly (PACE), spans over a decade. This program includes a state-wide clinical field team, ongoing development of new clinical modules, tri-annual trainings and skill-building opportunities, as well as administrative support to keep the program running smoothly. Alosa Health gathers in-the-field feedback from primary care providers, assesses program impact through practitioner surveys, and collects additional data to evaluate programmatic impact.  Additional consultative services regarding evaluation may be available, depending on the program implemented.

Nationally, we run training sessions on the concepts and skills needed to implement academic detailing. We have provided consultative support to enhance program and clinical educator evaluation, to facilitate materials creation and develop clinical content modules upon request.

Other programs that have developed their own academic detailing interventions can benefit from Alosa Health’s experience with field team management to oversee and train the clinical educators deploying the education components of the local intervention.

See our clients page for more about the state and national programs with whom we work.

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