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New Faces: Linda Cordell and Dr. XinQi Dong

Posted in Updates on 3.28.2017

We are excited to announce that Linda Cordell has joined Alosa Health as an academic detailer in Shelby County, TN. She will be detailing on the use of PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, as an HIV prevention strategy for high-risk individuals. Linda brings 15 years of experience in clinical nursing to this role as well as extensive knowledge of the region’s healthcare landscape. She has cultivated relationships with local providers based on mutual respect and earned trust over years of working as a clinical consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. Welcome to the team, Linda!

We were also delighted to have XinQi Dong, MD, MPH, serve as subject matter expert during the development process of our upcoming Elder Abuse and Dementia module. Dr. Dong not only provided invaluable content input, but also hosted a webinar for academic detailers who plan to go into the field with this topic. Dr. Dong has published extensively on aging, culture, and mental health throughout his career, and has received both national and international awards for his research and policy work on elder abuse. He serves as a primary investigator for two large cohorts, the Chicago Health and Aging Project and the Chinese Health, Aging and Policy Program, examining the relationships between elder abuse, culture, and psychosocial factors and is the editor of the first major book on elder abuse, Elder Abuse - Research, Practice and Policy.