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Healthcare Bill to Fund Research, Overhaul FDA Regs

Posted in News on 11.30.2016

The $6.3 billion bill that has been called “parting gift” to Vice President Joe Biden contains a smorgasbord of healthcare related provisions, including a commitment to additional funding for cancer research through the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Notably, Biden’s son died of brain cancer last year.

Other topics that the bill touches on include mental health, opioid use, Alzheimer’s disease, and regulatory changes pertaining to the FDA and standards used to evaluate drug safety and efficacy. While there is widespread support for the bill among members of both houses of Congress, some are skeptical. The most contentious feature of the bill would relax the FDA’s current standards and introduce a streamlined approval process.  Alosa Health founder Dr. Jerry Avorn voiced the concern shared by many in the medical community that a “lower bar” for drug approval will ultimately jeopardize patient safety.  Find Dr. Avorn’s full quote in the article here.

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