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Alosa Joins MA Public Health Association

Posted in Updates on 12.12.2016

Alosa Health is now a member of the Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA), an organization devoted to preventing illness, disease, and injury in the state of Massachusetts and particularly among those most vulnerable to health disparities. MPHA is also an affiliate of the American Public He...

PACE Launches Hypertension Training

Posted in Updates on 11.15.2016

Alosa Health’s newly updated hypertension training module launched recently through the PACE program in Pennsylvania, providing guidance on the latest evidence on hypertension treatment goals and recommendations for therapy. In keeping with our mission to deliver the most up-to-date evidence a...

Alosa Wins PrEP Bid in Shelby County, TN

Posted in Updates on 11.1.2016

This year Alosa Health will kick-off a new program based in Shelby County, TN to support the county health department’s HIV prevention initiatives. The program will focus on educating primary care providers in high-risk areas about the use of PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, as an ...