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Congress Says ‘Yes’ to Fast Track FDA Approvals

Posted in News on 12.9.2016

Last week Congress passed legislation addressing questions of healthcare regulation and public health funding. The 21st Century Cures Bill was able to gain easy approval in both the House and Senate because it contains provisions that appeal to both sides of the aisle and to various industry and pub...

Bill to Ease FDA Approval Draws Praise and Rebuke

Posted in News on 12.1.2016

Alosa Health founder Dr. Jerry Avorn was quoted in the Wall Street Journal regarding a healthcare bill scheduled for a vote in the House next week. The bill in question covers a breadth of topics from funding for biomedical research to opioid addiction to the FDA’s regulatory processes.  ...

Healthcare Bill to Fund Research, Overhaul FDA Regs

Posted in News on 11.30.2016

The $6.3 billion bill that has been called “parting gift” to Vice President Joe Biden contains a smorgasbord of healthcare related provisions, including a commitment to additional funding for cancer research through the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Notably, Biden’s son died...