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Read what doctors have to say about Alosa Health's academic detailing program in Pennsylvania:

Diabetes Module:
  • "This is a great review. There is always something more I can learn and it's a great way to validate that I am doing the right thing."
  • "I was planning on updating on the new meds but didn't have time and you have done that for me."
  • "I liked the evidence algorithm giving the bottom line of the steps of prescribing for diabetes."
  • "Great topic for our practice, excellent information."
Lipids Module:
  • "They were very well done and are a valuable resource as well as a teaching tool for medical students in this office."
Opioids Module:
  • "Reinforcement to try other methods of relieving pain rather than going right to opioids."
  • "Excellent review of pharmacologic options for neuropathic pain treatment."
  • "Changed the way I approach [opioid] use."
  • "It influences responsibility for my prescribing behavior."
  • "We have lots of patients on pain medication. Trying to get them off is difficult. This will be helpful to use."
  • "Will look more closely at narcotic medications being prescribed to elderly."
Atrial Fibrillation Module:
  • "Very informative."
  • "Well prepared, succinct and comprehensive."
  • "Excellent information."
  • "Clear, concise and comprehensive."
  • "I really appreciate these CME activities. I have used and implemented the information."
Heart Failure Module:
  • "Very beneficial conversation about patient factors in the treatment of heart failure."
  • "Excellent."
  • "Outstanding."
  • "Excellent topic and great presentation."
Hypertension Module:
  • "I always challenge the drug reps, but when you're here, I know this is solid information."
  • "I love these talks, they are the most helpful to me and there is always something I can immediately put to use."
  • "This will help with my Board re-certification."


Read what doctors have to say about Alosa Health's academic detailing program in Massachusetts:

Antipsychotic Medications Module:
  • "Great job...true education need and I'm pleased to see DPH taking a lead in this program."
  • "I am looking forward to incorporating this information in our Dementia Training Program. [The academic detailer] was very informative and easy to speak with."
  • "Excited to see a formal education not by [a] pharmacy company."
  • "This is a program that is much needed to support and help caretakers provide safe care."
  • "Wonderful and helpful information to support our elderly population. Thank you!"